Ellsworth Electric helps many home and business owners achieve significant energy savings by providing high-efficiency insulation for their homes and businesses. Our expertise spans from new construction to existing residential homes and commercial buildings, including metal structures.

We don’t stop with installation – we also provide energy audits to be sure what we install works well and meets ever-changing building codes.

We have the means to order many special-purpose, high quality materials. and our free insulation estimate will provide you with the necessary information to make a knowledgeable decision. Insulation services are available in the immediate tri-state region (Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania)

Insulation Services include…

  • Installation of blown insulation, whether dense pack in a wall or open-blown into an attic
  • Insulation batts (also known as rolled insulation)
  • Pipe insulation for homeowners, commercial, and industrial applications
  • Duct wrapping
  • Urethane spray foam
  • Energy Audits